Hoppy Birthday Card

Happy Monday everyone. I know, not everyone likes Mondays because it is the start of another work week (If you work outside the home). Today I made a card for my daughters upcoming birthday, her favorite color is purple but I went with whimsy. She will love it anyway LOL
I first started out gathering junk mail and old receipts that I no longer need to keep and tore them up, added them to water in the blender and blended away. Now when making your own paper, you can use almost any paper you choose you can also use wrapping paper, tissue paper and just any old junk mail that has lots of color on it and you will have paper pulp with color. How cool is that! I tear up old bills and checks and such and use that to make paper, it is a great way to keep thiefs from getting personal info of yours LOL
Any way, after letting the paper dry, I don't always iron my paper, I cut it to the size of a card I wanted to make and worked away. The supplies you will need are:
junk mail
pen (one that won't bleed when it gets wet)
I drew my image on the paper itself but you can use anything you would like
2 brads
2 buttons
pieces of scrapbook paper
white card
glue (I used Helmars Decoupage)
sentiment of your choice
pop dots (I used Helmars Zapdots)
I drew my image and then painted it (I love painting on handmade paper that is not ironed, it has so much texture). I then added a flower using buttons and brads, added my strip of scrapbook paper then typed up my sentiment and glued it onto another piece of scrapbook paper and added that. To adhere it to the cardstock, I used Zapdots. I hope my daughter loves it along with the goodie box I am sending her. It is filled with all kinds of girly girl things that she likes.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you to will get out your blender and make handmade paper, it is so much fun you will be addicted to it.

You can check out all that Arnold Grummer has to offer here along with videos showing you how to make paper. WARNING,  You will get addicted!!!! Which is always a good thing. 


  1. Such a fun card! Love the paint work!

  2. It's a darling card and I am sure your daughter will treasure it!

  3. This card is adorable. Love the idea of recycling personal paper items. I wasn't aware that you could use any kinds of paper for this...hmmmmm

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Wonderful to show a bunny at a time other than Easter - fun card!

  6. Hoppy to see such a cute card on a dreary Monday! I LOVE IT!

  7. What a cute card!
    Love and light,


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