Paper Casting Fun

©Anne Rita Taylor 2016

While I was making paper, I found there are many uses for paper pulp which results from tearing up paper and putting it in the blender. Unlike paper making, the pulp goes through a strainer to get more water out of it before it is put in the mold.

Handmade paper - 4 1/2 by 3/4 inches
Frame - 6 x 8 inches
Green paper - 5 x 7 inches
Marbled paper piece

So after blending re-cycled paper in the blender during the process of making handmade paper, you have pulp. 
This pulp can go in any mold: a jello mold, or even an ice cube tray.
I happened to have this mold where I could cast a fish.

I sprayed the mold with a little bit of cooking spray - I used Pam very sparingly.
I pressed the pulp into the mold and waited for it to dry overnight.
Luckily it popped out in one piece, although it can take some practice.

I painted the fish with Tombow green and yellow markers. 
I liked that the paper edges had a little natural brownish color.
Maybe it was from the Pam - still experimenting.

I attached the fish to the green paper with a piece of wire after hole punching. 
Then I glued the green paper to the back of the insert of the frame.
Next I glued the marbled paper, then the handmade paper at the bottom.
And set it inside the Gold Frame!

It made a nice little gift for my friend who has a Beach Theme in her guest bedroom!


  1. I love your fish! ANd that cool paper!

    1. Thanks Jean! In 2011 I took a wonderful Paper Marbling class at the International Quilt Show in Houston - held each year the beginning of November.

  2. Super cute and I bet your friend will treasure it!

    1. Thanks Sandee! Took me a couple of times to get the molded fish - I had not used enough pulp at first!

  3. This has been a favorite mold of mine ever since it was introduced.....all of the items from this mold are wonderful! Great job.
    Love and light,


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