Adding color to the deckle

Todays' post is about experimenting, having fun and just seeing what you can do!

Prepare several colors of pulp by recycling colored paper in a blender and then putting each color in separate plastic bottles. I blended mine a little extra than normal, but the green kept plugging up the tip so I probably should have blended that one a bit longer. I also should have put it back in the blender, but once I get going it's hard to stop!

There are different ways to add color to your deckle using the squeeze bottles and it's fun to see how they turn out. The fun with this is trying different methods to see what results you can get.

1. First add a sheets worth of re-cycled paper pulp into the deckle of your Arnold Grummer pour hand mold. Using gentle pressure squeeze some of the prepared green pulp and the red pulp into the opposite corners. I love the way they blended and swirled together. Using this technique both the front and the back of the paper looks very similar to each other.
 2. Add a sheets worth of re-cycled paper pulp into the deckle of your pour hand mold. For this one I dropped the different colors of prepared pulp after the sheet was formed, but before it was couched. After I added the colored drops of pulp I then couched the sheet and you can see a big difference here from the front and back of the sheet.
 3. Add a sheets worth of re-cycled paper pulp into the deckle of your pour hand mold .Add the prepared pulp to the deckle as it is draining which will give you an effect between the first 2 techniques. It's a little tougher to do since you are holding the draining mold with one hand while dripping and squirting the pulp with the other hand, but it's doable. You can also have someone hold the mold for you while you add the colored pulp.

I'm still experimenting. 
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  1. Loving your papers.. Now I need these containers to hold my colored pulps in? Hmm No purple papers?? lol.. Anyway this is great!!

  2. Such pretty papers! It looks like you were having fun!

  3. These are very cool - you can send these to me - ROFL

  4. These are very pretty, must experiment :)

  5. Wonderful experiment! I must do more of this.
    Love and light,

  6. Great instructions for adding colors to come up with pretty papers!


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