Burgundy Flower Tags

© Michele Emerson-Robert 2016

Spring has sprung! Trees are budding and the flowers are waking up from their winter’s slumber. I love this time of year when things are starting to turn green and the first blooms are opening up. With several friends birthdays this month and my not having proper cards for them….it is the perfect opportunity to use some of the wonderful handmade paper to create a pair of tags. Adding a birthday wish on the back makes them the perfect birthday card!

·       Any of the Arnold Grummer® paper making kits
·       Blender, strainer, cello sponges and soft towels
·       A sunny window
·       Scraps of white paper (think junk mail, etc.)
·       Scraps of white card stock to die cut
·       Dies: CheeryLynnTM DL112 Exotic Butterflies mini, Memory Box Inc. #99081 Florina Corner
·       Tonic Studios™ Tangerine die cutting and embossing machine
·       Tonic Studios™ paper trimmer, scissors, ¼” round hole punch
·       Tonic Studios™ Craft Tacky Glue, double sided foam tape
·       ColorBox™ pinks & burgundies dye ink pads, Stylus™ handle and tip
·       Stamp- A-Mania™ “Heart of a friend”
·       8“ - 10” lengths of various fibers, ribbons and cords in pink and burgundy  
·       Iron
·       Scrap of plastic to protect your work surface when inking the flower die cut (vertical tag)
·       Water mister bottle and water

1.     Follow the instructions found in any of the Arnold Grummer™ paper making kits to create white slurry and create one or more sheets of heavy weight handmade paper.
2.     Allow the paper to dry.
3.     Iron the paper to make it smooth.
4.     Cut the tag shapes.
5.     Punch a hole at the top of the tags.
6.     Die cut the Florina Corner and one mini butterfly from white cardstock scrap
7.     Lay the top part of the flower die cut onto one of the tags (horizontal), apply inks with the Stylus tip.
8.     Remove the flower die cut. Allow the tag to dry.
9.     Place the flower die cut onto the scrap plastic and continue applying ink onto the balance of the tag. Set the die cut aside to dry.
10.  Add inks to the vertical tag. Mist with water and let some of the ink run. Allow tag to dry.
11.   Stamp “Heart of a friend” sentiment onto the middle right of the horizontal tag.
12.  Attach the mini butterfly to the lower left of the horizontal tag.
13.  Attach the inked flower corner die cut to the left bottom of the vertical tag.
14.  Attach the dimensional flower with a tiny piece of foam tape.
15.  Insert and tie the fibers into the hole at the top of the tags.
16.  Add a personal message to the back of the tags.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Sandee.....they are so quick to create.....one more way to use our wonderful handmade papers!
      Love and light,

  2. So pretty! Love the colors!

    1. Burgundy is such a great color.......so happy you like the tags.
      Love and light,

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Anne.......so nice to hear the project gave you some ideas......love doing it.
      Love and light,


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