Love Notes

Valentine's Day is almost here so why not make something special for the one you love.  A book covered in handmade paper is a wonderful gift to give to that special someone.  Use it every day to write a message in it to remind the person of the love you share. 

The idea for this book was inspired by something I have done for my husband for 24 years now.  Every night I sit down and write him a note and put it in his lunch bag to read a work.  It is a special way for me to tell him about my day, what I'm thinking and how much I love him.  I thought this book was the perfect way to share a little extra note in the day to say, "I love you."  It will sit on the table next to his favorite chair so he can read the new note each night.  
I, first, wanted to share with you a picture of the container that I use for placing my papermaking deckle and the water in.  This is a cement mixing tub that I found at the local hardware store.  It is the perfect size to work in and sturdy to hold the water.  
For this project, you will need your favorite heart shaped cookie cutter.  Now is the perfect time to find them in the stores if you don't have one.  It doesn't matter if they are metal or plastic.  

Now, you will need some paper to turn into pulp.  I run the pieces through our paper shredder to create easy to handle strips that work well in the blender.  You will need enough to make 3 white sheets of paper and a little extra to make a pink pulp.  

After filling the tub that you will be using with water according to the basic papermaking directions, place the deckle from the papermaking kit into it and add the cookie cutter.  I placed it down towards one end so that I can use the other half of the sheet to cover the book.  

Now is the time to have some fun and turn that blender on to make some new paper pulp.  This is where the magic of making handmade paper begins!  

Once the pulp is ready, carefully pour it into the deckle making sure not to fill the cookie cutter. 

 Create some more pulp, but this time add some of the Tissue Tints for color.  Two pink pieces were used to create this beautiful light pink pulp. 
 Pour the new pulp carefully into the center of the cookie cutter making sure not to splash it into the white. 
 Remove the deckle from the water and allow it to drain.  Then, remove the deckle from around the grid. 
 Carefully, use an upward motion to remove the cookie cutter and then finish the sheet of paper according to the basic instructions.  Allow it to dry or use an iron to quickly dry it.  Create a second sheet of paper but this time do not use the cookie cutter. 
 Choose one of your favorite books from the many bookmaking selections at Arnold Grummer's. Turn the sheet of paper over so the back of it is facing upwards. 

 Place the book cover over the heart shape and trace around it. 
 Remove the cover and with a ruler measure approximately 1" around each side and make a mark. 
 Trim the paper on the 1" marks that you just created and attach the cover using a strong glue or dry adhesive.  Then cut each of the corners inward towards the cover with a pair of scissors.  . 
 Fold the corners inward and trim them off at the fold lines.  Also, fold the sheet of paper up against the book cover. 
Adhere the flaps down and use another piece of paper the size of the cover to hide the inside folded areas.  Repeat these steps to cover the back cover and finish assembling the book according to the directions. 
Decorate the front of the book with your favorite trim, stamps and ink. 
Share your love with a book filled with notes of love.  Use the coupon code Two20 to get a 20% off your next order from Arnold Grummer's and send a little love today! 
Happy Papermaking Everyone!


  1. Great colours for a man. What a lucky guy.

  2. I loved how you used the heart cookie cutter mold inside the paper sheet when you were pouring, will have to try that!

  3. Excellent tutorial, Peg - I think anyone could make this project at home with your photo instructions. Wonderful! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Hey Peg.....what a wonderful idea to put your thoughts and love notes in this great little book for your husband.
    Love and light,


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