HELLO with Love- Mini Book with Tamiko

Hey, hey good people!!  I am Tamiko and I am one of the newest members of the Arnold Grummer Design Team!  I am so excited to get the opportunity to learn, create and share this experience with you!!  I cannot tell you how many times I have received paper crafted goods and I have unintentionally dissected it to figure out where certain parts of the item came from.  The most recognizable thing to me is paper!  Guess who won't have that problem anytime soon?!?! ::giggles::  I am more than excited!!

OK.. Let's get on to today's project!!

Today's project was experimental for me!  I love to make books, but I never finish them to give-a-way! What I first had to do was to get myself familiar with the Arnold Grummer Papermill Kit.  You can use any of them to create the papers of your dreams.  That is NOT an exaggeration!! 

The papers used in brown was from a recycled soda pop box and the pink was from some red and white scraps from Christmas paper I was anxious to try, ha.. It turned pink!!.  I also used the below supplies and a few stamps and inks not included. (smiles)

I learned with using these supplies as I suspected my Helmar's Acid Free was gentle yet strong enough to handle my handmade papers. I also learned I may need to invest in a guillotine trimmer (ha-ha)  I didn't appreciate my trimmer snagging my paper!  

I cut my papers as per the instructions on the back of the AG Book Boards for sticky note package. Or you can trace your cover by using the AG Sticky Notes Kit which includes a template that you can trace and cut.  I adhered my boards with my papers and used my boards to make sure I had room between the spine, front and back for folding..

After that was done I placed the  the pink paper in as a inside liner.  Instead of adding a sticky note pad.. I created a signature with some cardstock and held it inside the book with a twine wrapped binding, Nothing fancy and it works!!  I then added some of my own hand rolled paper beads from my stash, stamped an image and a BIG HELLO with LOVE!! Stamp is by Unity Stamp Company!  See a close of twine and hello from book's spine below.. 

I hope you enjoyed my project today I know I sure did!  

How bout you get on board and make your own special papers too??  Come on.. you know you want to!!  for the ENTIRE month of JANUARY 2015 use code- JAN20 at the Arnold Grummer store and GET STARTED!!  Until next time have a WONDERFUL rest of the week!!


  1. Oh my gosh, this is an awesome use for your homemade papers. I love the natural colors and those beads are a perfect embellishment. This would make a wonderful personalized gift. Love, love, love! Did I say, I love it?????

  2. A great little book! That is owl is so cute!!

  3. Love your homemade papers and look at the wonderful little book you have made.. Cute little tag and awesome rolled paper beads..

  4. This is so cute, just love it and cannot wait to make a book too!

  5. Love this Tamiko!! I have a mini obsession.

  6. Well done Meko !!! Love that you are finally able to make your own paper and customize everything you create!!

  7. Wow Tamil this sounds awesome. Paper making is a fun project love that book. Fun leaving papermaking bloggers love.

  8. Love the book and its cool that the color of paper you use comes out in the end products, way cool! Love those paper beads also.

  9. GREAT, +miss miKo! Love the accidental color. So glad we get to see your creativity with this product.

  10. Wonderful Tamiko....I love the color and I love the fact that you went one step beyond and created your own paper.

  11. what a great project and love the details you provide!

  12. it's so cute, guess the means I may have to get out my new slurry pan (fiber & water slurry that is)


  13. Great to have another book maker on the team. Fun project.
    Love and light,

  14. omg, natural kraft-like handmade paper, twine, paper beads with pink accents and your own signature inside - fantastic! Love where you've taken the sticky-note book project. Thank you!


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