Butterfly Love

Hi everyone, Tamiko here.. I was very anxious to use one of the many templates that is available over at the Arnold Grummer website, and you will be too!  Never had I used a template that allowed me to create my very own heart shaped cards, with just a simple fold!!

I am really having a ball learning how to play with batches of pulp to get the right thickness of my finished sheets of paper. I think i will be ready for inclusions (added extras) in my paper with my next few batches!  Fingers crossed!  Well on to today's project!

My list of supplies included:

First I gathered some papers to tear into one inch pieces and placed them in the blender with almost three cups of water.  Saw a napkin and decided to toss it in as well.

Blend Blend blend, (smiles).. I often blend on low.. to get the papers started.  After I can see that the paper appear to be turning this cloudy loveliness here in the picture above, I throw it into high for a few seconds and turn it off.  I then go over to the area where my deckles lays in bin of water awaiting it precious pulp.

I usually take my finger and move the pulp around and do my best not to touch the bottom closest to the screen, because that would thin out my finish paper.  I have chosen to create a few sheets, in different colors, using the heart template.

Upon my last sheet for the day! (ha ha, because I think I am addicted to making my own papers!!) I noticed how much the heart shaped template, looked like a butterfly!  Decided I love butterflies  why not do that?!?!

I took the template and traced some white card stock to be added , sewed it and created 3 butterfly love signatures.  I then use the alpha letters; spelled out some quotes to be fussy cut and adhered to a wing of the butterfly.   I sit back and I think of how many other ways this could be done.  I get excited!  While each project may not be something I love, it will be something I know I have learned from.  Paper making is NOT an exact science, but it does require a little bit of patience and passion about creating something new, that ONLY gets better with each batch!

I hope you also take the time to check out Arnold Grummer Videos on the You Tube Channel found here.

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And as always, thank you for stopping by!  I appreciate your time!!


  1. I just love the butterfly book, you are so creative!

  2. Love Butterflies, the books are great would love to see them . Sending you bloggers love

  3. Now how cool is that, Little Miss "I don't sew"??? I love it!! Great job <3

  4. You used your paper beads for the body of your butterfly how awesome does that look.. What gorgeous colours you created love the texture in your papers they are so lovely..

  5. Love love love... if I have a heart and thats all I can see, so I am envious of those who can see outside the box. I agree with Sandy that it is awesome that you used your beads as the bodies. I think what I love most is the texture of the homemade papers. They look so rich! You are definitely mastering this craft and I can't wait to see the papers you make with additives!

  6. I'm not surprised Tamiko! It's just who you are fascinating and creative! Butterflies mean new beginnings! Great idea

  7. What a beautiful project, Tamiko. I've been looking for '3d ornament' designs for hmp and this is among the best I've seen. Thanks, too, for the tutorial - so easy to follow the steps!


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