Who needs a label make when you have a papermill?

Who needs a label maker when you have a Papermill?

Just-made paper is wonderfully sticky. That, and the fact that it is so beautiful make it the perfect label material for jars of homemade comfort food.
Make a batch of paper pulp, blend it pretty well. If you want to be able to see the writing on the finished label, the pulp should be a uniform, well blended color. But something chunky and multi-colored would look great too. Use a small can--tomato paste size-- with both ends removed as your template. Place the black mesh screen from the Arnold Grummer Papermill kit atop the kit's large white grid. Rest the grid and screen on a tray with a lip, to catch the water. Center the can on the screen and pour the pulp into the can. Wait a few seconds for some of the water to drain. Remove the can. You will have a nice, thick, round and very wet label.

Pick up the black mesh screen -- the label will amazingly stay in place-- center the label over the bumpy writing on the front of a sealed jar. Lay the wet label in place. With the mesh screen still in place, sponge the label through the screen, pushing it onto the surface of the jar. The bumps on the jar give the wet label something to adhere to. Keep pressing the label onto the jar--through the mesh screen-- until the screen can peel away easily. Let the label dry over night.

The dried label will have a somewhat bumpy surface. Very pretty, but hard to write on. You can use letter stamps to print on the label.
Once I labeled my real canned goods, I made a few more.
Have fun!
I can't wait to see what you cook up.



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