Peace Crane Card & Envelope

Greetings Arnold Grummer paper making fans! Here is my latest design team project!

In this project, I wanted to make handmade paper and an envelope to go with some beautiful Japanese Yuzen paper I had in my collection and decided to incorporate a folded crane in the design. If you don't have large sheets of Yuzen paper, use fancy origami paper for this project instead. The fibers in Yuzen paper will make a strong handmade sheet of paper. I added scraps of Yuzen paper paper to the pulp and I used the same paper to fold the crane and make the envelope lining. The paper was made using the two sheet and envelope deckles from the Paper Mill Pro, blue Angel Wing inclusions, Gold Dust and Silver Sprinkles which all come with the kit. I noticed that the Paper Mill Pro kit is on sale on Arnold Grummer's site. If you haven't picked one up yet, now is the time! I added some blue and green paper to make the base green color for the card and envelope.
Supplies for the card
1 5 x 8 sheet handmade paper
1 sheet handmade envelope paper
1 sheet scrap handmade paper in contrasting color cut 2" x 3 1/2"
1 sheet Yuzen paper cut 6" square
1 sheet Yuzen paper cut 4 3/4" x 7"
Asian lettering stamp
Heat gun
gold embossing powder
gold pigmented stamp pad
1. Fold a flapping crane out of the 6" origami paper (click here for video on how to fold a flapping crane)
2. Fold the top wing down at an angle and flatten the crane.

3. Stamp an image on the scrap sheet of handmade paper. I used a Kanji stamp to accent the crane.

4. Drag the edge of the scrap sheet against a metallic pigmented stamp pad and sprinkle gold embossing powder on the edge. Use a heat gun to melt the powder.
5. Glue the scrap paper on the upper left side of the card.
6. Glue the crane in the center of the card.

Making the envelope:
1. Score and fold the envelope.
2. Punch out corners on one end of the Yuzen paper with a corner rounder. If you don't have a corner rounder, use scissors to round the corners.

3. Glue the Yuzen paper to the inside of the envelope and let dry.
4. Glue the edges of the envelope and let dry.


  1. Really Beautiful. Lovely contrast between handmade paper and origami paper too.

  2. Beautiful!! I love Asian papers, and you've really shown them off. Perfect compliment to your handmade paper.

  3. The card and the
    Gift Card envelopes go to much with each other...i really like it's design.


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