Tide Pool Tags

© Michele Emerson-Robert 2016

Some of my fondest memories are of being at the beach in Baja Mexico with my kids when they were young. We could spend countless hours searching for tiny sea creatures in the tide pools that remained when the tide went out. It always reminded me of the excitement when my sister and I used to do the same thing as kids on the coast of Southern California. These two tags will be perfect to my sister and a dear friend who both have July birthdays.


·       Any of the Arnold Grummer® paper making kits
·       Blender, strainer, cello sponges and soft towels
·       A sunny window
·       Scraps of white paper (think junk mail, etc.)
·       Scraps of white, lavender, purple and burgundy heavy weight handmade paper or card stock to die cut
·       Dies: CheeryLynnTM:: # B267 Sea Horse Family, B 279 Sand Dollar & Star Fish
·       Stencils: The Crafters’ Workshop™  #TCW357s Mini Cell Theory, and Memory Box Inc. #88557 Garden Leafy Branches
·       Tonic Studios™ Tangerine die cutting and embossing machine
·       Tonic Studios™ paper trimmer, scissors, ¼” round hole punch
·       8” – 10” various ribbons, cords and fibers
·       Beacon ZipDryTM adhesive, double sided foam tape
·       ColorBox™ Dye based inks in purples, pinks and burgundies, Stylus™ handle and tip 
·       JustRite® stamps
·       Mister bottle and water


1.     Follow the instructions found in any of the Arnold Grummer™ paper making kits to create white slurry and create one or more sheets of heavy weight handmade paper.
2.     Allow the paper to dry.
3.     Iron the paper to make it smooth.
4.     Apply various shades of inks through the stencils creating seascape backgrounds. Spritz with a tiny bit of water if needed. Allow the tags to dry.
5.     Stamp the sayings onto the dry tags in the top left corner.
6.     Die cute the sea horses, coral, sand dollars and star fish from scraps of heavy weight handmade paper or card stock.
7.     Arrange and attach the die cuts to the lower right of the tags with either glue or tiny pieces of foam tape.
8.     Insert and tie the fibers into the hole at the top of the tag.
9.     Add a “Happy Birthday” or other note to the back of the tags.


  1. So pretty! Love the colors and the fun details!!

    1. Thanks bunches! I just LOVE the backgrounds on the handmade paper..
      Love and light,

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Sandee.......they are such fun to make!
      Love and light,

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks again.......smile
      Love and light,

  4. Thanks for the kind words.......they are even better in person.....smile.
    Love and light,


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