Tea Bag Folding


Hello again, Donna here. I have been been talking about making different things on cards, layouts and such. I have not touched my Tea Bag Folding in a while and thought I would give it a go again. It is always nice to go back and do something you haven't done in a while. Tea Bag Folding is kind of like Origami.


My husbands birthday is the end of this month, so this card will be for him (hope it doesn't look too girly, LOL)

Supplies needed:
Tea Bag Folding Papers ( I used 1 1/2" x 1 1/2", 10 pieces, for the flower and 2 pieces of 2" x 2" for the butterfly)
Handmade paper- think junk mail and such
Saying or Quote
Helmar Scrap Dots
Craft & Hobby Glue

First step, make your flower using Tea Bag Folding. (As shown in photos above)

After you have made all ten of these, glue them together.
That is called a Kite Fold.

Then I took my handmade paper using Arnold Grummer's Paper Making Pour hand mold (found here) and sewed a border around each piece. And glued them down using Craft & Hobby Glue.

I then used Tea Bag folding using the two pieces of 2 x 2 paper for the butterfly.

And glued that onto the card face. then using my Scrap Dots, I glued down my flower making it also pop up a bit.

I then added my "Happy Birthday" image and I had a card. Can you see the yummy handmade paper? I love the background one.

Tea Bag Folding is very similar to Origami like I said, give it a try. And while you are checking out the Pour Handmold in the Arnold Grummer store, check out all their other products they have to offer to offer, you will fall in Love! Making your own paper is so gratifying, you really have to try it.


  1. Wow.. 2 posters on the same day!! :) bother very colorful and full of summer goodness!!!

    great teafolds to embelish your papers!

  2. Always wondered how to do this - thanks!

  3. Wow - such fun!! Love these!

  4. Love "tea bag" folding! Haven't done it for a while.......will have to do it again soon.
    Love and light,


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