Surface embedment

I have found that surface embedment is one fun activity! It's also addicting and you will find yourself looking for different things to embed. You can watch the man himself Arnold Grummer explaining how to do surface embedment here in THIS video.

Botanicals are excellent for this technique. This maple leaf is one that I dried last fall using my Arnold Grummer Microfleur Flower Press. The leaf part was the easiest to embed, but the stem had to be gently pushed down by my finger to sink down into the paper as it isn't as flexible...yet doable!

You can also add other things like punchinella and a word from a magazine. 
If you add the items to the bottom corner of the paper then you can fold it over to make an instant card!

You can also take scrapbook embellishments like this butterfly and embroidery floss to create your image. I did find that the cardstock butterfly needed to soak a little before becoming pliable enough to accept the fibers and embed.

Just another fun way to create interesting paper!
 ( Paper is re-cycled Neflix flaps. )


  1. Oh - I love this!! Really adds to the paper!!!

  2. Love your explanation about how to embed - pretty pink handmade card too!

  3. Love these.. especially the punchinella usage on that one

  4. I think I like the butterfly one best LOL (I like butterflies) Thanks for all the tips on embedding, I did have problems first time I tried it. Now I will know what to do and how to go about it.

  5. Love the samples Sandee!
    Love and light,


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