Paper pulp painting

Now I will admit that I am not the best when it comes to painting with squeeze bottles, there is a learning curve here and this is my first time doing it it. 

My preferred method if doing it this way, but we need to try new things occasionally to keep us fresh!

However, let me show you the results...I was going to make a bunch of flowers covering the paper, but I would randomly squeeze out too much pulp so the flower kept growing in size. I did manage to get two on one sheet...

How do you like my leaf? Well, actually it's suppose to be a pine tree, and that's what I meant for it to be, now I think it rather looks like some kind of wonky leaf, lol

Now laying  a cookie cutter on the paper and squirting the pulp inside the form is much easier, and they actually look like hearts!

You can check out the man himself Arnold Grummer with some wonderful videos on paper pulp painting. Make sure to subscribe to our channel!


  1. Great job.. Love to see you try new ways of painting on paper.. with pulp!

  2. I think they all look wonderful!!! Great job.

  3. Love pulp paining.......great job!
    Love and light,


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