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Deckle division rocks!
"Deckle division is simply dividing your hand mold's deckle into two or more compartments."

I got this idea from the Trash To Treasure book, pp. 108-9 to blend 2 different colored pulps together. It's a little hard to see in this picture but the bottom ½ of the card is green and the top ½ is blue. They run together so smoothly that it's hard to see where one ends and one begins! 

Arnold tells you how to make your own deckle divider out of foam core but I found that by adding duck tape to it added a lot more strength and it lasts a lot longer this way. Make sure that the end that lays against the paper screen is flat and even so the pulp cannot mix together before you are ready to have it do so. I also found that drawing an arrow to which way it should be inserted into the mold helps too. You also want to make sure it is a snug fit, and the duct tape can help "fatten" the divider up if you need assistance.

I also added a little sun by doing some pulp painting.
Trash to Treasure pp. 84-7 )
 To accent the sun I sewed around it and added some rays.

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  1. SUch cool ideas! Fun card!

  2. Love the idea of pulp painting! Great colors too!

  3. Hmmm....O haven't done in "pulp painting" for years and used to love doing it......I really must give it a try again.
    Love and light,

  4. Love when u do pulp painting. I have yet to try the divider for the deckle. The stamp is just toooo moooooch cuteness.. lolol


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