Birthday Card

I can't believe April is almost half over with already. The past week we have had a hail storm and 2 days with heavy snow falling and 1 day of 70 degree weather.....what!?!?! changes every day and you never know what you will get LOL

I have a very important birthday coming up in May, my oldest sons. Now let me explain a little about my family. I was born on my Grandfathers (my moms dad) birthday, my first born was born on Mothers Day which also happened to fall on my moms birthday. I was hoping we could continue this "tradition" but not going to happen. Oh well, he still deserves a handmade card and today I used my handmade paper to make it.

I added the multicolor button because of his personality. He is so well loved by so many people because of his sense of humor. My other two children are more layed back than he is, his life is one big party every day, as it should be.

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check out the Arnold Grummer's paper making store here for all your handmade paper making tools and kits.


  1. I love all your fun details!

  2. What a lovely card.
    Love and light,

  3. Wow...what a wonderful card. Masculine cards are usually pretty blah in the stores, so making and personalizing it is a fabulous idea.


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