Quit Throwing Your Money Away

You need a card for a birthday gift. You could run to the store and spend a lot of money for a card or YOU COULD MAKE ONE! It is so easy and Arnold Grummer's has just the thing to help you get this done quickly and easily!!

There is a template for making gift cards and envelopes! You put the template between the Pour Handmold and the screen.

Pour your pulp into the box just as you would to make paper. Once you have drained enough water and removed the box, gently lift the template off.  Proceed to use the sponge, blocks and couch sheets to remove the excess water. Dry using your favorite method.

Now use the folding guide, make the envelope and card. You can make these to match your gift wrap, you can add flower petals, and even stamp on them!

I made several so I would have extras on hand!

These are the perfect hand made addition to any gift for any occasion!!

Supplies used:

Pour Handmold and  Template  - available at Arnold Grummer

Medium Pour Handmold ContentsCards & Tags Medium Template Collection

Thank you for joining me today and I hope you take time to visit the store and stop by our Facebook page!


  1. I miss making these.. Think I will this week.. thanks for the inspiration Jean!!

  2. Ohhhhh, I think I may have to look into getting some more molds. Your cards are lovely as always.

  3. Pretty cards - especially with the handmade paper!

  4. Love the colors, and I can say I haven't purchased a card in years!

  5. All these years of making paper and then making cars from the paper......I still don't understand why EVERYONE does not do this!
    Love and light,


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