Folded Paper Pouch

©Anne Rita Taylor 2016

I made these pouches for each person in my writing group. With a list of words we used as prompts for writing an essay. After writing for 15 minutes, we would read to the group what we wrote - fun!
Blender, strainer, sponges, towels
Scissors, bone folder
24 inch ribbon
Rubber stamp for front of Pouch, see my Carving Images for Prints for carving instructions
Journal prompt words: Recognition, Honesty, Routine, Assertive, Productivity, Profound, Silence, Respect, Rebellious, Unique, Legendary, Expansive, Achievement, Harmony, Hope

  • Follow instructions in the Arnold Grummer Paper Making Kit
  • Cut handmade paper into an 8 inch square
  • Fold into triangle using the bone folder; Open and fold into opposite side triangle
  • Turn the paper over
  • Fold in thirds again using the bone folder to measure: 2 & 5/8 inches
  • Open and fold the other way into thirds again; the bone folder makes the creases sharper
  • Open and collapse it together 
  • Fold in middle parts on opposite sides
  • Push it together gently
  • Punch hole in one end
  • Tie knot on the inside 
  • Wrap ribbon around and loop through ribbon to tie another knot outside.

Makes a fun wrapper for a small gift too - a lovely way to use handmade paper!


  1. That is really cool! And what a great idea to keep writing prompts in!

  2. What a fun and original idea, very nice Anne.

  3. This is just too much fun.......have got to make some of there!
    Love and light,


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