Handmade Paper Easter Basket

Well Valentines Day has come and gone and I hope you all had a nice day :) Up next is Easter! I can't believe how fast these Holidays come and go. Maybe it is because I work in retail and am always resetting isles for each holiday.....LOL

We all have junk mail and we all have that mail or files that has personal information on it that you don't want to just throw away because who knows who is out there stealing your info, right! You can burn it (we have a no burning law where I live, so not an option), you can always shred it but, it can be pieced back together (don't ask me how I know this :( ) And then......there is the option of pulverizing it into paper pulp and making new paper or whatnot with it.

Today I want to show you what I did with some of those old checks that everyone holds onto, even tho hardly anyone writes checks anymore, and those old income tax papers :) I pulverized them.....LOLOLOLOLOL ( in a wicked, or maybe some may say insane laugh).

First, I took a large bowl and lined the inside with Saran Wrap, then put my paper pulp inside and formed it around the inside of the bowl, not making the top even. I then set it by a heater to dry. Took a few days because it was thick. This is how it looked, as you can see, I started painting it.

This is after the bottom layer was painting in yellow.
 And the photo on the right above is after I painted the top part and inside orange. I then let it set to dry and then sprayed it with Mod Podge Clear Acrylic Sealer

And then used my paper shredder and shredded paper, sprayed it with green ink and put it inside the bowl, TA DA.....instant Easter Basket.

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