Love Flowers?

Do you love flowers? My sister does and I am making the perfect present for her!

My sister has the most gorgeous gardens full of flowers. This is just one small section of her yard. She plants hundreds of bulbs, seeds and plants every year.

Her birthday is in two weeks so I thought I would make her a special gift! 

Flower seed bombs!!

What are flower seed bombs? These are simply handmade paper mixed with flower seeds which have been cast into molds.  When ready to plant, simply tuck them into the spot where you want flowers to grow. If it is not going to rain soon, you might want to water them a little. Let nature go to work and soon, you should have a wildflower garden!!

I recycled pink, yellow and blue copy paper which was made into pulp according to the directions in the Trash to Treasure Papermaking book

Book:  Trash to Treasure Papermaking

Seeds added to the pulp and lightly blended again.

Press the pulp into the mold and remove water using a sponge and towel. Allow to dry.

I recycled a cellophane gift bag and added a handmade paper tag. The flower is many layers punched  from a phone book and misted pink.

I think she will love these and hope you do too! 
Making seed bombs is such a great idea. You recycle materials and add fun to planting and gardening! 

Materials used:

Book:  Trash to Treasure PapermakingMedium Pour Handmold ContentsBird Casting Mold

 White Paper Raffia

Thank you for visiting and I hope you try making these! 

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  1. awesome casts.. love the idea that you added flowering seeds to them! Your sister will love it!

  2. LOL great thinking putting them into the molds, she will love them!

  3. Great idea, I am sure will love it all summer long!

  4. Greetings,
    What a nice gift for all the "paper" people in our lives......and it would help to clean out our stash
    Love and light,

  5. Love the idea of seeds in the paper - and to plant them too!


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