Winter Blues

Good Morning! Have you got the Winter Blues? Snow and cold getting you down? Well, I have a project to brighten your day!

I used several pieces of hand made paper as well as a paper casting to create a bright and springy card for a friend.

I folded over my first piece to make the card base. The background was created using Magicals paint on bubble wrap. The paint was quickly absorbed by the paper. For the next layer I wanted a deckled edge. Want to know an easy way to achieve this?

Using a paint brush add a line of water to the paper. Once it is soaked in, gently pull the paper apart at the line.

I used a stamp for the script background.

Create a butterfly using the casting mold. Once you have made your pulp, pour it through a strainer. Pat pulp into image and press with finger to remove water. Make sure the pulp is in every nook and cranny. Use a sponge to remove even more water and finally a paper towel.  Remove and let dry. Arnold Grummer has a wonderful variety of  casting molds

Once dry, I painted my butterfly with Magicals paint.  Silver Adhesive Floral Design Ribbon and painted White Raffia Paper Ribbon (available from  Ribbon Resource ) were added next.

3/4 inch Silver Adhesive Floral Design RibbonWhite Paper Raffia

I finished the card with a gem and cameo.

I think this will brighten her day!

Maybe you know someone who could use a message of friendship or cheer. By brightening their day you will also brighten yours!!


Trash to Treasure
Casting Mold


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