“The Knot’s Prayer Book”

©Michele Emerson-Roberts 2016

This is one of my all time favorite handmade books. I make a least a dozen a year to give as gifts to loved ones who need something special to remind them that they are loved. I like to use handmade paper for the pages to make them even more special. You can make these any size; mine are 4 ¾ x 6”, only because I had matboard scrap pieces that size - and so that each folded page will be ¼ of a sheet of handmade paper. 


·        Any of the Arnold Grummer paper making kits
·        A sunny window, heat gun or microwave oven
·        Blender, small strainer, cello sponges and soft towels
·        Scraps of off white or cream paper (think junk mail, etc.)
·        SpellbindersTM Grand Calabur™ cutting and embossing machine
·        Embossing plate or folder with an abstract design
·        Merc ArtTM black embossing metal: 4 ¾ x 6”
·        Mat board: 4 ¾ x 6”
·        Two scraps of black card stock 4 ¾ x 6”,  4 ¾ x 3” and piece for the title
·        Sheets of handmade paper: 4 ¼ x 11” folded in half
·        Scor-palTM
·        WestcottTM paper trimmer & scissors
·        Japanese screw punch & 1/8” bit
·        Arnold GrummerTM Cotton Linter
·        Beacon QuickGripTM and Beacon ZipDryTM
·        Old credit card to use for spreading the ZipDry™ adhesive
·        Heavy black thread for binding, large eyed needle
·        Various black and or white beads
·        Computer generated verbiage (see below)
·        Wide Scor-tapeTM or sheets
·        ColorBoxTM Chalk charcoal and white ink pads
Alphabet stamp set


1.      Follow the direction for paper making found in any of the Arnold Grummer paper making kits or books to make slurry from the white scraps.
2.      Create numerous sheets of medium weight handmade paper.
3.      When the paper is dry cut or tear it into two long sheets 4 1/2 x 11”.
4.      Score and fold the sheets in half. Repeat for as many sheets as you want in your book.
5.      Attach the folded pages to each other (back of one page to the front of the next page) with ZipDry™ adhesive.
6.      Score and fold the 4 ¼ x 3” spine piece of black card stock to accommodate the stack of folded pages.
7.      Attach the front and back cover pieces to the spine with QuickGrip™ adhesive.
8.      Use the Japanese screw punch to make holes in the book spine ½ “ from the top & bottom and on the edge of the title piece.
9.      Remove one side of the release paper from the Scor-Tape™ or sheet and place it on the back side of the black metal.
10.   Emboss the metal with a folder or plate using the Grand Calibur™.
11.   Remove the second piece of release paper from the Scor-Tape™ or sheet and attach the metal to the front cover.
12.   Stamp the title onto the scrap of black card stock with white ink.
13.   Computer generate and print the verbiage.
14.   Cut the verbiage pieces, ink the edges and attach each to a separate page of the book.
15.   Attach the pages to the book spine and cover with a piece of the heavy black thread.
16.   Place to thread in the middle of the pages and insert each end of the thread through the two holes in the spine.
17.   Tie the binding thread into a knot.
18.   Add more threads with lots of beads attached.

Note: The Knots Prayer:

Dear God: Please untie the Knots that are in my mind, my heart and my life.
Remove the have nots, the can nots, and the do nots that I have in my mind.
Erase all the will nots  and might nots that may find a home in my heart.
Release me from the could nots and would nots that obstruct my life.
And most of all dear God;
I ask that you remove fom my mind, my heart and my life all the “am nots” that I have allowed to hold me back, especially the thought, that I am not good enough!

Author know by God.


  1. I love the Knots prayer, I had not heard of this before. Would love to see the handmade paper inside and how this book is used. Do people write prayers inside too or is it just this one prayer written inside?

  2. Thanks Sandee......The prayer has been around for years.......it sure hits home for many people ....me included......it does provide a reminder to those who receive the books that they are loved. I have never thought to include blank pages but that is a wonderful idea....or maybe even just a blank book to write your own prayers/thoughts in.......
    Love and light,

  3. I'm not familiar with the Knots prayer - is there a link? I wonder if the 52 page fan decks could be adapted, with a page for each week? Thanks for always bringing us something special and fresh, Michele. Best of the new year to you and your family, Kim

  4. I am also not familiar with this. Wonderful idea!


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