Happy Valentine's Day

We are fast approaching the season of love! I have a fun valentine's day project made with pressed flowers from our yard and recycled Christmas wrapping paper.

I hope you saved those crumpled piles of used Christmas wrapping paper because that is what we will be using to make our paper. Luckily many of these papers and red! I also chose one that had a silver design in it. More about that later!

Follow the directions on pages 52 - 55 for making paper with a Pour mold.

Add torn pieces of paper to the blender filled with water and make the pulp. 
Pour into the hand mold and then remove the water using first the screen, then the couches. The sheet can be air dried or dried using an iron. 

I told you I used a paper that had a silver design. I should have known it would be a problem when I could not tear it but instead had to use scissors. The pulp was filled with pieces of foil. I did continued to finish the piece of paper and even used it. 

I pressed the flowers last summer using the Arnold Grummer Garden Press.

 Simply place your leaves and flowers between the pages and close with the straps. The items will dry in a couple of days.

I cut a larger heart, inked the edges, and placed that behind a doily. To that, I added pressed flowers, leaves and smaller hearts cut from my papers.  I finished with some decorative pearls and a title. 

              I hope you have enjoyed this fun project which uses both flowers from summer and Christmas wrapping paper! All of the items used can be found over at  the Arnold Grummer Website

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Get out those papers and let's recycle!!


  1. Lovely........
    And yep, you gotta watch those foil papers........I made some paper last summer with some scraps that had a coating.......ended up with "stuff" in the sheets....very interesting.
    Love and light,


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