Tool Stache

 I love the Trash-to-Treasure book cause it's just full of awesome ideas to get you jump started to your next project. The section on "Bonded for Life" p. 118 got me thinking about re-cycling a tin can into a tool holder for my desk to keep all those pesky tools contained somehow.

No glue, tape or adhesive was used to hold this handmade black sheet of paper that I created using my Papermill Kit to the can itself. That is amazing! I removed the water from the sheet of paper per the instructions and then wrapped it around the can using my fingers to fold the top and bottom of the paper over the edges of the can. Even the ends of the paper which overlapped when wrapped around the can are simply couched together and left to dry...
and it holds together beautifully.

 I actually wrapped this can over a year ago and just kept my eye on it as I was using it ( because I wanted to see how well it would hold up under  use ) ...and can I say it was a huge success!! So much so that I decided to decorate it even further by adding the mustache and words to the front of the can. ( The key to adding a stiff plastic element to a concave surface is Helmars Liquid Scrap Dots as it will create a flat surface for your embellishment to sit on. )

This has to be the easiest way to decorate a tin can...seriously worth trying if you are into recycling like I am!


  1. I wonder if the same technique would work on an industrial strength trash can ... that little coffee can wouldn't begin to hold all my stuff :P Great idea though!

  2. wonderful stache holder, would have never thought to do this..

  3. Great idea, I had thought about this on a vase hnmmmmm maybe it will work. Thanks for the great ideas you give.


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