The Match Game

I have two young grandsons who like to play board games, don't get me wrong, they also like their gaming systems also. But because their dad is a hand on dad, he likes to play actual hand on games with them. I decided to pull out my cast molds and make a casting (actually two of each one) of the ones I have.

I have them for the weekend every so often because the like coming to grandma's house...... hmmmm, could it be because I spoil them? LOL

Here is a snapshot of a few of the molds.

Here are the completed casts after painting them.

I'm sure everyone knows how to play the matching game, that is why I made two of each one. If you coat them with a good varnish, they will hold up very well.

Now off to make another set because I know they will want a set to take home. I think I will leave them unpainted tho and let them paint them. That way they will be so proud they made a game themselves.


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