Friday, January 30, 2015

Happy Valentine Card

©Michele Emerson-Roberts 2015

I promised you in last week's post (P.S.....I Love You) that I would share the matching card. I did use the left over papers that were previously created but the instructions below are for making new sheets of handmade paper. Remember if you are making these folder hearts that the paper should be a bit on the thin side. The use of handmade paper adds a beautiful touch to everything. 

  • Any of the Arnold Grummer™ paper making kits
  • Blender, small strainer, cello sponges and soft towels
  • Beacon Quick Grip™ Adhesive, double sided tape
  • Scraps of red and white paper (think colored junk mail, etc.)
  • Die: Nellie Snellen Accordion Heart die, Cheerylynn Happy Valentine’s Day dies
  • Spellbinders Grand Calibur™ Machine
  • Swirly hearts embossing folder
  • Westcott® Personal paper cutter & scissors
  • Scor-Pal™
  • A2 white card and envelope (or use the AG envelope template and make a matching envelope)
  1. Follow the direction for paper making found in any of the Arnold Grummer paper making kits or books to make slurry from the white and red scraps.
  2. Create one sheet of white paper and one sheet of red paper. Allow the paper to dry.
  3. Cut and follow the direction provided with the heart die to create one each red and white hearts.
  4. Cut the words from red handmade paper. Save the scraps for future projects.
  5. Emboss the front of the card.
  6. Use the Beacon Quick Grip™ adhesive to attach the two hearts and the words to the front of the card.
  7. Add a “love note” and give to your Valentine!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Butterfly Love

Hi everyone, Tamiko here.. I was very anxious to use one of the many templates that is available over at the Arnold Grummer website, and you will be too!  Never had I used a template that allowed me to create my very own heart shaped cards, with just a simple fold!!

I am really having a ball learning how to play with batches of pulp to get the right thickness of my finished sheets of paper. I think i will be ready for inclusions (added extras) in my paper with my next few batches!  Fingers crossed!  Well on to today's project!

My list of supplies included:

First I gathered some papers to tear into one inch pieces and placed them in the blender with almost three cups of water.  Saw a napkin and decided to toss it in as well.

Blend Blend blend, (smiles).. I often blend on low.. to get the papers started.  After I can see that the paper appear to be turning this cloudy loveliness here in the picture above, I throw it into high for a few seconds and turn it off.  I then go over to the area where my deckles lays in bin of water awaiting it precious pulp.

I usually take my finger and move the pulp around and do my best not to touch the bottom closest to the screen, because that would thin out my finish paper.  I have chosen to create a few sheets, in different colors, using the heart template.

Upon my last sheet for the day! (ha ha, because I think I am addicted to making my own papers!!) I noticed how much the heart shaped template, looked like a butterfly!  Decided I love butterflies  why not do that?!?!

I took the template and traced some white card stock to be added , sewed it and created 3 butterfly love signatures.  I then use the alpha letters; spelled out some quotes to be fussy cut and adhered to a wing of the butterfly.   I sit back and I think of how many other ways this could be done.  I get excited!  While each project may not be something I love, it will be something I know I have learned from.  Paper making is NOT an exact science, but it does require a little bit of patience and passion about creating something new, that ONLY gets better with each batch!

I hope you also take the time to check out Arnold Grummer Videos on the You Tube Channel found here.

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And as always, thank you for stopping by!  I appreciate your time!!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Quick & Easy Mixed Media Canvas by Linda Hess

I love alcohol inks and powdered paints!  Add the shimmer of LuminArte' Twinkling H2O's and you have eye catching results with very little effort (shhhh, don't tell).  But I am getting a bit ahead of myself...let's make some paper first.

Arnold Grummer's Papermaking kit (I have the Papermill Pro)
shredded paper
LuminArte' Twinkling H2O's (shown: Playful Peony, Coral Berry, and Snap Dragon)
"Love-Peace" mold (Yaley Enterprises)
rubbing alcohol
small disposable cups
5"x7" Artist's Loft Canvas Panels (
"The Ultimate Glue" (

1) Into the blender place a handful of shredded paper and ~1/2tsp of LuminArte Twinkling H2O's (I used Snap Dragon for this demo).  Cover with water.  Blend on high to create a paper pulp.

2) Follow directions with your Arnold Grummer's Paper kit to create a sheets of paper. 
3) While damp, tear off rectangles a bit larger than each mold crevice.  I love to keep the rough edges rather than cut them with scissors.  It adds to the freeform look.  Press the paper into each side of the mold.  Be sure to press firmly into the lettering and along the corners.  Turn the filled mold over onto a couch sheet and let dry overnight.  Carefully remove "Love" & "Peace" from the mold, then continue to dry before moving onto the next step 
NOTE:  If the molded pieces curl as they dry, they can be flattened out by placing a lightweight book on top.  Be careful not to use one that I too heavy or you may risk cracking the molded piece!

Now you have your handmade paper pieces.  Aren't they fabulous??  One thing I love about the Twinkling H2O's is that the shimmer shows even when mixed into the paper pulp...can you see it?  But wait until you see what happens when you use it on a canvas...Time to paint!

1) Place about 1/4tsp of Playful Peony & Coral berry into small disposable cups.  Add a tsp of rubbing alcohol to each cup.  Mix with each with a Q-tip.  Isn't the shimmer gorgeous?!
2) Paint the canvas with one and then the other color.  I like painting small canvases on the diagonal rather than side-to-side or up and down.  Be sure to layer the colors for more impact.  See aside to dry.
3) While the canvas is drying, use a stamp pad (ColorBox Fluid Chalk in Lipstick Red shown) to highlight the raised areas of design.

4) Highlight the edges and lettering with more of the alcohol/paint mix.
NOTE:  Use this carefully!  Too much and your paper could get soft again.  It could also bleed to areas where you may not want the "paint".

5) Adhere the painted paper components to painted canvas using "The Ultimate" glue.  If necessary, use weights along the paper edges to assure a good bond.

6) If desired a ribbon can be added for hanging or glue a couple of magnets on the back to show off your art on the fridge or your office file cabinet.  Lightweight enough to place into a bubble envelope and mail to a special friend. 
I hope you have enjoyed his quick and easy tutorial.  Have fun creating!

Amping up the project:  When I stepped back from this project I noticed that it was a little simple/plain for my normal work.  For that reason may I present the "amped up" version.  With a little trim from my stash

and a few polymer clay accents (my go-to detailer)

I was able to create eye-catching pieces with very little effort. 

(((SIGH))) I feel MUCH better now. :-)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Love Notes

Valentine's Day is almost here so why not make something special for the one you love.  A book covered in handmade paper is a wonderful gift to give to that special someone.  Use it every day to write a message in it to remind the person of the love you share. 

The idea for this book was inspired by something I have done for my husband for 24 years now.  Every night I sit down and write him a note and put it in his lunch bag to read a work.  It is a special way for me to tell him about my day, what I'm thinking and how much I love him.  I thought this book was the perfect way to share a little extra note in the day to say, "I love you."  It will sit on the table next to his favorite chair so he can read the new note each night.  
I, first, wanted to share with you a picture of the container that I use for placing my papermaking deckle and the water in.  This is a cement mixing tub that I found at the local hardware store.  It is the perfect size to work in and sturdy to hold the water.  
For this project, you will need your favorite heart shaped cookie cutter.  Now is the perfect time to find them in the stores if you don't have one.  It doesn't matter if they are metal or plastic.  

Now, you will need some paper to turn into pulp.  I run the pieces through our paper shredder to create easy to handle strips that work well in the blender.  You will need enough to make 3 white sheets of paper and a little extra to make a pink pulp.  

After filling the tub that you will be using with water according to the basic papermaking directions, place the deckle from the papermaking kit into it and add the cookie cutter.  I placed it down towards one end so that I can use the other half of the sheet to cover the book.  

Now is the time to have some fun and turn that blender on to make some new paper pulp.  This is where the magic of making handmade paper begins!  

Once the pulp is ready, carefully pour it into the deckle making sure not to fill the cookie cutter. 

 Create some more pulp, but this time add some of the Tissue Tints for color.  Two pink pieces were used to create this beautiful light pink pulp. 
 Pour the new pulp carefully into the center of the cookie cutter making sure not to splash it into the white. 
 Remove the deckle from the water and allow it to drain.  Then, remove the deckle from around the grid. 
 Carefully, use an upward motion to remove the cookie cutter and then finish the sheet of paper according to the basic instructions.  Allow it to dry or use an iron to quickly dry it.  Create a second sheet of paper but this time do not use the cookie cutter. 
 Choose one of your favorite books from the many bookmaking selections at Arnold Grummer's. Turn the sheet of paper over so the back of it is facing upwards. 

 Place the book cover over the heart shape and trace around it. 
 Remove the cover and with a ruler measure approximately 1" around each side and make a mark. 
 Trim the paper on the 1" marks that you just created and attach the cover using a strong glue or dry adhesive.  Then cut each of the corners inward towards the cover with a pair of scissors.  . 
 Fold the corners inward and trim them off at the fold lines.  Also, fold the sheet of paper up against the book cover. 
Adhere the flaps down and use another piece of paper the size of the cover to hide the inside folded areas.  Repeat these steps to cover the back cover and finish assembling the book according to the directions. 
Decorate the front of the book with your favorite trim, stamps and ink. 
Share your love with a book filled with notes of love.  Use the coupon code Two20 to get a 20% off your next order from Arnold Grummer's and send a little love today! 
Happy Papermaking Everyone!

Friday, January 23, 2015

P. S. ….. I Love You

©Michele Emerson-Roberts  2014

Do you ever need a last minute Valentine gift for someone special? Your loved ones deserve the best, and for me that means something handmade with love! Keeping that in mind, I went to my handmade paper stash to create this fun gift box for my wonderful husband. I will fill the little box with “Kisses” candy and I will have the perfect gift!


  • Any of the Arnold Grummer™ paper making kits
  • Blender, small strainer, cello sponges and soft towels, bone folder
  • Beacon Quick Grip™ Adhesive, double sided tape
  • Scraps of red and white paper (think colored junk mail, etc.)
  • Die: Nellie’s Accordion Heart die
  • Spellbinders Grand Calibur™ Machine
  • Purchased small box

  1. Follow the direction for paper making found in any of the Arnold Grummer paper making kits or books to make slurry from the white and red scraps.
  2. Create one sheet of white paper and one sheet of red paper. Allow the paper to dry. (NOTE: always save your scraps for future projects.)

Assemble the box and the hearts:

  1. Follow the direction provided with the heart die to die cut and create one each red and white hearts.
  2. Use the Beacon Quick Grip™ adhesive to attach the two hearts to the front of the box.
  3. Fill the box with “Kisses” and give to the one you love!

I liked the hearts so much that I made more of them and created a matching Valentine card that I will share with you next week.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

You're some kind of wonderful!

Since my last post I have been making paper like crazy, this is so fun and addicting! I just love the paper making process. Did you know "that paper was first recorded in 105 AD, in China... Many believed that Ts'ai Lun was the inventor of paper, but paper was probably being made before him."
 ( p. 12 Trash-to-Treasure Papermaking)

I have been using all this wonderful, yummy paper in my card making. There is nothing better than the texture and feel of handmade paper. I used 3 of my handmade papers for this card, that I created using the Arnold Grummer Papermill kit. On p.48 of the book Trash-to-Treasure Papermaking it gives you a formula for how much pulp to make to create your paper.
(I am more of a hands on type girl and rarely measure anything so sometimes I get very interesting results this way lol

The green sheet was the thinnest and easiest to cut using my paper trimmer. The pink sheet was softer and thicker, so I tore the edges to create the size I needed and the yellow sheet which I stamped the owl onto and then cut him out is as thick as a piece of chipboard, nice and sturdy.

Supplies used:

Trash-to-Treasure Papermaking - for reference and instructions
Arnold Grummer's Papermill kit - to create the paper
Helmar Tacky Glue - to adhere the layers of paper
Susan K. Weckesser stamp - Splatter it (for the background, pink paper)
Angie Blom stamp - Wonderful Owl (yellow paper)
Cardz TV stamp - Make a Wish (birthday sentiment)
Stazon Ink
Micron pen for doodling the border

Ready to join me for some paper making fun?
You can use the discount Jan20 and order your own papermaking supplies from the fabulous Arnold Grummer store!