Spring Press sale

Hi everyone, Sandee here with a sparkly card made with Arnold Grummer's Metallic Dust Set. I just love the rich golden hue that shimmers and shines! And it's really easy to add inclusions like this in a sheet of handmade paper. (How To Make Paper) 

I also added a fern leaf that I pressed in my Microfleur Flower Press  last summer and look how pretty that green has stayed! I used the top part of the fern to symbolize a tree and then hand stitched a snow bank which morphs into the word love.

And guess what? You can get your own flower press on SALE...and you know spring is around the corner which means lots of pretty flowers to press and keep, so get yours now!

Spring Press Sale


  1. love when you hand stitch on your cards.. this is a great deal on the flower press! oh and the haqndmade paper is to die for.. the shimmer is REALLY AWESOME! (like it been touched by a fairy) tee hee

  2. I really must try stitching on the hand made paper......smile.....very nice project.
    Love and light,

  3. Pretty card - love the metallic dust and the pressed leaf. -How did you know I'm working on making a leaf card!?!


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