Don't Throw That Away

You just had your birthday and your friends and family sent/gave you beautiful cards. Of course, those go in a drawer to be kept but the envelopes? DON"T THROW THEM AWAY!! Look at all of the beautiful colors! Those will be perfect for.....something made with paper!

My sister's birthday is this month. Given that I made my other sister the Seed Bombs, I thought it only fair that I make this sister something as well. I decided to use those pretty color envelopes and make FORTUNE COOKIES! I thought these would be fun for her to have and open in the coming days.

I made pulp and set up my Pour Handmold.  I used a biscuit cutter to make the circle shapes. I set it on the base of the mold, poured a layer of pulp in, waited for the water to run out then gently lifted the biscuit cutter to another location  and repeated the process. I proceeded to remove the water from them as I would for a piece of paper. 
Medium Pour Handmold Contents

I let the circles dry some but needed them still pliable to make the cookies. I printed a sheet of fortunes that I found online and cut them into strips.

As you can see my steps in the photos above, I gently folded each cookie in half and placed a fortune in the fold. I dabbed a tiny drop of glue on the outer edge and sealed each cookie.  Then just fold and shape each one into the correct shape. Allow to dry completely. 

I made about dozen so that should keep her busy for a few days:)

I was so excited with the pretty colors and am now on the hunt for more envelopes to recycle!
Do you have a birthday this month? I hope it is happy and don't forget to save those envelopes!!

Supplies available at - 

Pour Handmold (the kit includes everything you need)


  1. OMG, they are so stinking cute! I downloaded the fortunes, thanks for that and now I plan on making my own!

  2. What a fun idea.......I have always loved fortune cookies......and making them from pulp is such a great project.
    Love and light,

  3. Saving envelopes for pulp - great idea! And one of my sisters has a birthday this month too - the other sister in June. Plus I love your fortune cookies from pulp - I am definitely going to try that!


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