It's all in the blending

Paper making never ceases to amaze me, I love all the different textures and looks that you get with handmade paper. Sometimes it's just the way you blend your paper that gives you these wonderful effects. Although the 2 papers on the card might look like they came from different papers they actually started out from the same tissue paper that I re-cycled into newly handmade paper.

This is some tissue paper that a friend had wrapped up a present for me in.
( I was as equally excited about the tissue paper as I was the gift, but let's not tell her that. She might just start giving me tissue paper instead of a present, lol )

By alternating the speed and the time in your blender you can get different looks from one sheet of paper. The one of the left was blended for a longer time while the one on the right was "pulsed" in the blender. 

Have you experimented with blending your papers to see what different looks you can get?
It's a lot of fun and it might just surprise you!


  1. Wonderful how you got such different looks!

  2. I love the little dots that came out in the handmade paper - really nice!

  3. Isn't is lovely!! I too like the way no two pieces of paper look the same.

  4. I live the trixks u can kearn with paper and your blender. Blend red n white paper enough.. the two colors create pink... blend them a little.. just makes the pattern more organic.. :)

    1. grr that shoulda read.. I love the tricks you can learn with paper and your blender

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  6. Vivala difference......
    Love and light,


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