Handmade papers

How is the weather in your area? We have had nothing but rain the last few days. But I would rather have that than what my brother is getting in Colorado.

Mean while, I have been making handmade paper with my paper making kit found here Arnold Grummer's Paper making shop. Basically, you just take your junk mail to the blender and whip it good!! LOL I then added some things to my mixture.

This one I blended the paper and then threw in a handfull of leaves from my yard and blended it a little bit then added a couple whole ones. Can you see the leaf at the bottom?

This one I added some dried flowers from my yard and it turned the paper purple but the flower bits stayed pink. I love this one.

This one I just blended colored junk mail and it turned orange.

I also tried one using spices from my cupboard. I used dill seed, it worked great but for some reason the photo would not download......Maybe my camera didn't like it.....I did, LOL

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget, make your own paper for stationary, Christmas card, or any other card or what not you would like to use your handmade paper. It is so much fun and the outcome is different all the time. No two sheets are ever a like.


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