Paper Clay gift tag

Bring on the holidays, I'm ready, are you?

I'm stepping outside my box today and made a gift tag out of Creative Paper Clay! It was fun and easy to work with too. I was pleasently surprised at how well it accepted the ink too when I stamped my Susan K. Weckesser stamp, from the Garden What Not Collection. After that was done, all I need to add were some ribbons from The Ribbon Resource and a few little rhinestones.

I made a very short video of the process for the Paper Clay creation of the tag, hope you enjoy it and try making one too.


  1. I love when you create videos and show your process you make everything look so easy.

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  3. Love this!!! I have to admit I wasn't sure we could post paper clay items but now that I know we can.......I made something back in October with it. I too love that you show videos with your posts (wish I knew how to do that LOL)

  4. Greetings,
    Your videos are always great....thanks for sharing.
    Love and light,


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