Paper Flowers with Tamiko

I love handmade flowers.  i honestly love them more than real ones!  Weird huh?  Yet true!  With the Arnold Grummer's (AG) Seed Paper Flowers Kit , not only do I get to create my personally handmade paper, I also get to encourage the recycling by creating seed papers which is MORE than AWESOME!

This procedure only requires the kit mentioned above, some paper you would like to recycle, tissue tints (for coloring the paper, if you aren't already using colored papers), a blender (preferably one you use for paper making or craft, a bowl less than six inches in diameter, some water,  a few dry rags or couch sheets and flowering seeds. you will also probably want some markers or pens to decorate your intended leaves or petals.

I took some torn bits of scrap paper, about a handful, and placed them in 2.5 cups of water in the blender.  I let the paper soak for about 20 minutes while I drank a cup of coffee and read email, hey I am a multitasker!  I then turned the blender on for a few moments (like 60seconds) and watched my paper and water become a slurry.  I decided since my paper was not my preferred color, I would add some of the AG tinted tissue sheets.  Mind you, the word tint means to slightly tinge with color.  So my paper slurry was on the pastel side.  If you want something with more intense colors, you can try adding a little acrylic paint, food coloring or steeping vegetables. I mounted the orange deckle (that's in the shape of the flower petals over a bowl slight small to catch the water.  I also inserted the round screen in the center of the deckle to catch my colorful pulpy goodness.  I poured the mixture very slowly trying to cover the entire center circle.  Once I filled the circle, I sprinkled a few flower seeds.
The circular screen was lifted and a slightly pressed it with a dry towel to gather some of the wetness.  I repeated this process to create a few more flowers.  I also used my couch sheets to help catch water as I waited, while the seeded paper flower centers  dried over night.

I took the orange deckle and traced the shape of the six petal flower out on the card stock, you also get some in the kit.  I panted and doodled on the petals and allowed my art to dry,  I also have seam binding I colored green to attach to the back of the flower, heck these might even go in the mail with an invitation to tea and directions for using the seed paper.  My daughter wants to wear one as a head band, with the flower in her hair, (smiles).  After she is done with her tea party and playing dress up we go outside and plant flower centers.  I think it will be an eventful day. If I am lucky, maybe she will take a few pictures I can post!

I enjoyed making these paper flowers with seed paper and I know you will too!!  Don't forget to go one over to the Arnold Grummer site and grab some cool things and MAKE SOME PAPER!!    ::chuckles:: Hey a little blonde birdie told me, there are some new videos being added to the AG youtube channel!!  How cool is that??  Click here to see what's happening!!   It's never too late to create.


  1. I LOVE them! I do hope you take pictures of BK and the tea party, what fun! PS, I love you for referring to grey as blonde, lol

  2. Love them. I have been thinking about trying these and then planting them next year. Great job on the flowers, love them!!


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