Children of the Sea Zig Zag journal

Howdy everyone! I am so looking forward to going on my art-cation next month with my good friend Anna, we are going to sketch, watercolor, make "ocean" paper and have all sorts of fun, art filled days! I wanted to make a special journal to do some sketching in while I am down at the beach so I created a themed journal from one of the Tall Zig Zag books that Arnold Grummer makes. They are so cool and easy to put together that I can see them as great gift giving ideas too...and you know what is approaching quickly in 126 days! yikes!! ( hint: starts with a C....)

However, this one is going to be for moi!

I did use regular card stock to cover the book since I didn't have any handmade paper large enough on hand ( my bad!! ) but I did have a yummy piece of hand made paper that screamed "sea" to me and I used it to layer on the top of the card stock. I just love those deckled edges hanging over the edges of the cover, sure I could have cut them off...but seriously...why?

In case you've never seen a Zig Zag book, this is what the inside looks like. I set mine up so that I will have the "landscape" format is where I plan on doing a long beach side sketch. You don't have to make a long sketch, you can break it up into sections, as you can see there are 6 rectangles that you can use individually if you prefer.

Which is what I plan on doing on the backside of my pages. I haven't decided if I am going to journal or sketch in each of them but I have 4 pages to decide upon!

I also played around with the Microfleur Flower Press....oh my goodness, this thing ROCKS! Especially if you are an impatient crafter like myself! Decide you want pressed flowers in your next project? Well, zap some flowers in the microwave and you have them, ready to use!

The Zig Zag books come complete with instructions, all you have to do is use you imagination and voilĂ , you have your own awesome book! If you would like to see how I made my "free form" paper castings of the seahorse and the starfish, or maybe how to hand embroider a title onto your paper cover then check out my 4½  minute slideshow. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away! Since it's a slide show you can pause it any time in order to read what I wrote, otherwise, speed readers gear


  1. I love it!! The seahorse is so cute, thanks for the instructions on how you did that.

  2. This is so pretty Sandee!! Love the little seahorse, it is SO cute!!

  3. I so love everything about this.. especially the video!! Very jealous of your art-cation!! But you obviously deserve on!! :) Ok I want the microwave flower press... lol

    1. Going to have you outside in all that nature, gathering flowers and pressing them!!

    2. I sure wish I had dried some from our garden this year. I think I have a few.

  4. I loved this tutorial!!! And, I am in love with that sea horse! I am always impressed by the details you put into your projects. Beautiful!

  5. Greetings,
    I posted when I first show this and it never showed up.......I think it is fixed
    Lovely project!
    Love and light,


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