Board drying

Hi everyone, sorry I am a little late today with my posting and there should be no excuses to being late but I have been super busy with some art shows lately and I'm afraid my mind has been preoccupied so I hope you forgive me.

I just got this new stamp set and it comes with little dies to cut out your image so let's take a minute and talk about stamping and die cutting handmade paper. When I stamp, I want a smooth flat surface devoid of any bumps or roughness, and this is how I get that type of surface.
( Please go here for your directions on making your own paper using the fabulous Arnold Grummer Papermill kits )
Tim Holtz Sizzix BIRD CRAZY Thinlits Die And Cling Stamp Set 
Arial font - size 20 printed through computer

You can create many different surfaces with a lot of varying techniques. One of those techniques is how you go about drying your paper. I use a board drying technique which gives me a super flat surface on one side and a textured surface on the reverse side. Which is really nice to have both of those to choose from later on since I never know what I am going to want when I create something. This is a side by side comparison, which may not seem that noticeable but there is a big difference to me. The textured side shows the grid pattern to the cover screen that you use to press against your paper with your sponge and any roughness that you get from air drying.

I researched many methods: Japanese "friction mounting", pressing, ironing and my favorite, laying your wet paper on a board. That means, take your newly formed wet sheet of paper ( that has been couched) and lay it flat against a board. I then take a wide soft bristle brush and smooth out the deckled edges and then proceed to let it air dry. When you remove the sheets, the side that has been pressed against the board is smooth and the side left to the air has texture. Here is a picture of my drying board, you can see where I have already removed some sheets from it.

Here is the set of papers that I removed from my board.

Everyone has different ways to dry their paper, it just a personal preference, but hopefully this will give you something new to try.


  1. awesome info here.. i need a board or some plexi glass huh.. or glass.. love how ur sheets looked.. and all the hues of blue..

  2. love the little birdie and great instructions on how you make and dry your paper love your blogs.

  3. Wow. So cool. I have so much to learn.

  4. I love your card the bird is awesome and he looks perfect on your beautiful papers.

  5. Awesome, I love your drying board. I may use that when I get my supplies to make paper, can't wait. Love your card also!


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