The other day I was organizing the part of my craft room when I store all the stuff that I've accumulated thinking that someday I'd include it in a project. I have an assortment of frames, boxes—some wooden with glass tops, some chipboard—coasters, glass panels, and other oddities that I know someday will be just the perfect thing.

In among the accumulation was this beautiful solid glass domed paperweight. I knew as soon as I saw it again, that it would be perfect for showcasing one of the flowers that I'd dried with Arnold Grummer's Garden Press.

I carefully peeled away the original velvet paper backing so I could reuse it, and removed the stock photo that was is the paperweight. I cut a circle of my handmade paper, made using basic papermaking techniques. I secured the dried pansy with a tiny droplet of quick dry adhesive, and let the glue dry completely before reassembling the paperweight. I inserted the handmade paper circle with the dried pansy, and reattached the velvet paper backing with strong adhesive.

Here's my finished paperweight.



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