St. Patrick's Day Gift

Hi, It's Ann and today I have this gift box project that I made and will be giving some young men in my life for St.Patrick's Day.  Even though we are not of Irish descent it is just a day that we like to make an excuse to be somewhat festive!  So here is the box that I stuffed with Gold!  Ok, not real gold but even better, the edible chocolate kind, yum!

To make this I simply recycled some green flyers that were in the mail with a green used envelope from Christmas.  I used the Arnold Grummer paper making kit and followed the traditional method as can be seen in this video.
At the last moment of mixing the pulp I added the bling to the mix.

Once the paper was dry I lay one piece over another and glued them together with a glue stick.  I then cut out the gift box using a template and cutting tool from Martha Stewart Crafts.

I assembled the box and decorated it with some stickers from the Dollar store.

I also made a shamrock by punching four small hearts and glued them to a stem.  To make this I used a scrap of the same green handmade paper.

 I added some glitter glue to the shamrock and glued it to the box.

Finally I filled the box with the good stuff!

2 pieces of green junk mail or used envelopes
2 cups of water
1 blender
Arnold Grummer Paper Making Kit
Arnold Grummer  Silver  Dust
Gift box making tool and template from Martha Stewart Crafts
Glitter glue in silver and green
Gold foil wrapped chocolat coins

I hope that you have fun this coming St. Patrick's day.  Thanks for stopping by.  Don't forget to stop by my blog to see what else I am up to.  Http://

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  1. love your pillow box for St Patrick's Day! I have yet to try to put my papers in any of the die cut machines! I think this is the cutest thing!!!

  2. very cute, I love it when someone gives me chocolate, especially in a cute handmade gift box!


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