Recycling and Upcycling

Handmade paper making involves the benefits of recycling discarded papers into new paper, and it also involves including other materials as well as what I like to call up cycling.  It is a win win situation for the creator and the environment.

Hi, I m Ann from AnnMakes ( and the Design Team here At the Arnold Grummer Paper Making Design Team.  Today I am sharing with you a card that is a recycled and an up cycled project.  The up cycling is the original blue card base that was once made from recycled papers and used in a print shop.  It did not make it to the retail market because of some mis folding mishap.  I still found a use for a batch of these misfit cards, I just trimmed the blue cards back to a regular rectangular and even shape, I don't mind that they are not exactly a commercial measurement.  Then I reused a used dryer sheet that I dyed in some strong left over coffee over night.  No waste here.  The twine and raffia are also bits left over from some packaging.  The focal point of the card is made from recycled clean but damaged napkins which gave this paper its soft ply feel.

The fun part was when in the making of the white sheet of paper, as per the Arnold Grummer Paper Making method (video), I tried to emboss the paper while it was still wet.  That's right, instead of letting the paper dry completely or to dry it with the press of an iron I slid an open embossing folder under the damp paper, pressed and released.

 The paper dried over night and resulted in a beautiful deep impression.

I then used pastels to colour and bring out the details of  the impression.  I tore off the excess of the paper and adhered it with some tacky glue to the blue card and dryer sheet base.

Thank you for stopping by and please use this discount code when shopping at the Arnold Grummer Paper Making shop. (Mar20)     I hope that you enjoyed my post and you can see more of my work over at my blog at subscribe to my youtube channel as well.


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