Handmade Paper Bookmarks

Even though we're still in the deep freeze with inches of snow still covering the ground, I'm looking forward to summer, warm breezes, and curling up with a good book.

Since I can't bear to throw away even the smallest scrap of my handmade paper, I've made several bookmarks—all made from leftovers from other projects.

For this button bookmark I punched a circle from a piece of dry embossed paper. For added strength I glued the handmade paper to a chipboard button. The large paperclip is attached to the chipboard button with E6000 adhesive.

The second bookmark is made from a paper casting using Arnold Grummer's oak leaf mold. I used an ink pad and a paint brush dipped in water to add the color. Work slowly with just a little water. The paper casting is very porous, and really sucks up the color.

The next bookmark is a simple strip of handmade paper that I punched on one end. I found that thinner papers work best, as a punch isn't strong enough to pierce thicker sheets of handmade papers. However, I've had great success cutting thicker sheets with dies.

Both the second and third bookmarks use magnet strips to secure the bookmark to the page. So the two pieces line up correctly, I found this method works best:
  1. Cut magnet strip to desired length/shape.
  2. Put the magnet pieces together.
  3. Remove the self-adhesive backing from one of the magnet strips.
  4. Position this strip on the back of the bookmark with the two magnet strips still together.
  5. Remove the self-adhesive backing from the other magnet strip.
  6. Close the bookmark.

I used these directions for this corner bookmark. It can be made just about any size, but you need to start with a square piece of paper.

The last bookmark is made using an extra resin bird left over from my Birds on a Wire project. The ribbon is attached with an eyelet.

I'm all ready for my summer reading. What are your suggestions for great reads?



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