DreamCatcher Card with Tamiko

Hey folks.. Happy Wednesday!  I have a friend I who pops up on my screen every now and then, just to say HELLO!  She brightens my day!  Lovely lady makes me laugh almost instantly. We share a few giggles.. and then she disappears.. ::smiles:: I created a card in thought of her.  You see she loves dreamcatchers and while I haven't quite learned to do the cording of the sinew, yet ::winks::.  This is my interpretation of one..

The supplies I began with were only made possible after using any one of the Arnold Grummer Paper Mill Kits to create my awesome papers.  I needed 1 and 1/2 sheets for this project.

Then you also need:
  • Faber Castell- Glass Bead Glitter Gel
  • Faber Castell- Metallic Purple Gelato
  • Faber Castell- Big Brush Pen Purple Violet
  • Helmar's  Super-Tac Glue
  • Helmar's 450 Quick Dry Adhesive
  • metal flower, beads, fiber and wooden embellishment
  • spatula 
  • paint brush
  • scissors

The sheets of paper I used in this card actually came from my favorite Christmas paper I begged  my aunt to give me the last few pieces of.  I took the paper and folded it half to create a card.  I then took the half sheet and cut out various size feathers.  I added fringes to the paper with scissors to give it a more *barb* look. 

Then I prepared my color mixture.  I took my spatula and slithered off a piece of my gelato and spritz it with water.  Used my spatula to smoosh the gelato with a spritz of water into a paste. Added enough of the glass bead glitter gel to use on my card.  I painted my wooden sentiment.  I was also very delicately used my brush to add color to the feather.  Flipped the feathers over added fiber to mock a shaft and added beads to that.  Once it all was dry.. I brushed it lightly with my pitt pen to add more details... Used my Helmar's Super-Tac to adhere the feathers and Hello to it.  Used Quick Dry Adhesiveto adhere the metal flower and button to the card.  

My handmade papers make all of my projects that more personal for me.  I can't tell you how often people are intrigued at the texture/makeup of the papers.  It's totally easy to do and so worth every effort!

Just a few more pics..

For the Month of March When you visit the Arnold Grummer web page.  When you place an order use-  code MAR20 for a 20% saving.

Thank you all for coming by and I hope to see you again soon!!


  1. Your card is beautiful I love the feathers on the dream catcher. So glad your Aunt gave you those last few bits so you had that ready in your mind when you came up with the idea for this.. Its so pretty.. I so love all your handmade papers such awesome textures. They create such interest to your projects..

  2. wow, just love the feathers, it turned out beautifully!!

  3. Beautiful! You did a wonderful job!

  4. Oh my heck, you out did yourself with this card. It's awesome. Feathers are gorgeous...beading fabulous and look at all the colored specks when I enlarged it!!!!

  5. Lovely. Thanks for the wonderful step by step instructions. They really look life like.

  6. I love it!! Those feathers are awesome. Tommy Jo is right, the detail is yummy when you enlarge it. Beautiful work!!

  7. This is one of the best you have done..I love the feathers and I am lover of the Indian art work my mother was a painter of indians and I have dream catchers...She would love this work you are going. Blog is great I am proud of you Lady.


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