Simple Casted Ornaments

These little paper casted ornaments are truly easy to create.  Process  five cotton linter squares for each ornament.  The art molds used were: Snowman #707, Bird #712, Three Trees #706, Snowflake. Check out this link for instructions on "how to cast paper".

After casting the designs and before drying the casting completely, I used a straight pin to pull away pulp from the edges to give them a feathered look.

Using balsa wood, because of its light weight and easy of cutting, make four squares that measure 3" x 3".  Sand the edges smooth and sand the four corners to make them round.
Cut squares to the same size from a glitter cardstock.  Use a corner rounder punch on each corner.  Adhere the glitter cardstock to the balsa wood squares with a double sided adhesive, like Therm-o-web PeelnStick. NOTE : Water base glues could warp the balsawood.  Glue the paper casting onto the center of the glittered covered squares using Beacon 3-in-1 glue.  Attach ribbon for hangers.

Visit the Arnold Grummer website to view videos showing the paper making process.  Place an order and use the coupon code THANKS20 for a discount.


  1. Madeline - I need to make these for my tree this year! Perfect activity for Neighbor Day - the girls will love it!


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