Quick Fall/Thanksgiving envelope by Linda Hess

With the holiday season upon us, A Thanksgiving piece called to me.  My brother is in Montana for the holidays and I want to send him a little treat.  What better way to send it than in a handmade envelope using my Arnold Grummer Papermill Pro!

I pulled out the Large Envelope Template that I have been itching to try and added it to the normal paper set-up. 
I mixed shredded paper with wax paper to create the pulp.  I wanted a bit of color, so I added a little bit of LuminArte' Pure Color in Key Lime. WRRRRRRRRRR...the color was gorgeous!  Honestly it took me a couple of tries to get the pulp poured properly into the template, but once I did the envelope quickly came together.  I began to press out the moisture, but left it quite damp so I could add a design to the face of it.

I found a thanksgiving napkin and thought the design would work well.  Perfect size to stretch from one side to the other without noticeable lines showing.  I tore along the edges of the design and then peeled the 2-ply napkin apart. 
Immediately the design was applied to the face of the envelope.  I continued to press out moisture while sealing the napkin onto the handmade paper. 

Using the enclosed folding guide I was able to easily fold the perfect envelope!  The napkin made the front of the envelope lovely, while the folded bits on the back showcased the beautiful green handmade paper.

I know that my brother will be surprised.  Knowing him he will preserve the envelope for its beauty.  See you next time when I tackle Christmas projects :-)
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