~Its All About the Little Things at ChristmasTime~

Christmas is such a beautiful time of the year and sometimes we forget just how special the" little thing"s really are and how they really can make a difference. I have chosen this simple but elegant project as many of us don't have allot of time to add special touches to our gifts, but how it really makes such a pretty statement!


Handmade Holiday papers using Arnold Grummers Paper Making kits
Mod Podge
Manila Tags
Holiday Stamps
Ink Pad
Acrylic Paint

1)I had pre-made holiday handmade papers,  I then cut  them to about 3/4" larger than the tag itself .I ripped mine to give it a more free form edge
2) Stamped the holiday design on my tag
3) I embellished the tag with a small amounts of paint to highlight the greenery and berries on the stamp.
4) I then used a forest green ink pad to apply a more distressed look to the edges of the tag.
4) Using Mod Podge apply the back of the manila tag to the handmade paper rectangle leaving an even border around the tag.
5) To create the pretty border of glitter I dumped out into a straight line, both the Mod Podge and the gold glitter.
6) For the last step I dipped each of the  sides edges in mod podge followed by the glitter.
7) Add a pretty ribbon

You now have a beautiful  elegant looking gift tag that was easy and fun!!

~Enjoy this beautiful time of the year with Family and friends~

"Seasons Greetings"


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