Beautiful Holiday Handmade Papers

I love all the little special touches that make the holidays so magical~ one thing being ...beautiful handmade papers. These papers are lovely additions to creating holiday cards,gift tags,journals, lining cookie trays, wrapping  small special gifts etc. Arnold Grummer's paper making kit has made it so  easy and so enjoyable! 

I wanted to create an old "Vintage look and feel" to these gift tags so I used old text paper,red tissue paper, white cotton rag pulp, glitters and a small amount of  plain white paper.

Here are some of the supplies that I used.,tissue paper and foiled tissue paper are my favorites to add to create handmade paper!! They create a beautiful sheer and shimmer element to the finished paper!

The beginning process that I use to create the paper is to add 2 cups of water in the blender container and add 2 -3 sheets total ( combination of tissue paper,regular paper.text paper etc) then I add a small amount of specialty fibers such as cotton rag and finally glitter!! I love the glitter in the handmade paper as it adds such a beautiful special touch!

The blender incorporates and blends the papers together and when finished the mixture gets poured in to the deckle ( wooden frame) When lifted and drained  the paper then sits on the couch paper ( below) to be further dried by pressing water out ( below)

The finished paper now will air dry and can also be ironed to further the drying process. As you can see in this paper are bits of beautiful  Christmas tissue paper that also has gold embedded into it.

Another wonderful alternative is to create paper casts for your holiday cards,tags etc. These are beautiful clay molds create amazing casts in all kinds of designs. Below you see several designs of finished snowflakes. These can be painted or left as is.. I added lots of glimmer to these beauties just as snowflakes should be!!

So as you think of creating beautiful gifts for the holiday season..You will totally fall in love with creating these amazing handmade papers.. for gifts or for yourself.. they are a  beautiful elegant touch from a bygone era! Enjoy!!


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