Fall Themed Brag Book

One of my favorite things is taking pictures.  I have a box full of pictures of my friends and family that dates back well before the digital age.  I love to find new and fun ways to display them, especially the photos of my girls when they were small.  This month I used some of them to make a Fall Themed Brag Book.  Not only is this a great way to showcase old photos but it also makes a great gift for grandparents and friends.  

Arnold Grummer's Papermaking makes it so easy to put together a project like this.  They have everything you need to get started.

I made this paper using Arnold Grummer Medium Pour Mold.  I recycled some scraps from previous projects and added Red Angel Wings and OpalLITES Sparkles into the mix.  One of the things I love about making paper using this mold is that it is so easy to control the thickness of your paper.  When I'm using the paper that I'm making to wrap around a book cover or picture frame, I find that working with thinner paper makes it so much easier.

To make the book I used Arnold Grummer's Mini Zig-Zag Book kit.  I love Arnold Grummer's kits because they make doing these projects so easy.  For someone like me, who can't cut a straight edge to save her life, easy is definitely a must.

Using a glue stick I attached one of the covers to the back side of my paper.

Then I diagonally from the corners towards the center.  This helps you to get nice clean edges.  I also used the glue stick to stick down the edges to the back of the cover.

After that was finished I added a piece of ribbon across the back cover to use as a closure.

Using the glue stick I attached the last page to the back cover.

Then I added some pictures of my kids ad did some doodling for the border.

Then using the glue stick I attached the first page to the front cover.

For the cover I used some scrap paper and made some casts using Arnold Grummer's Maple Leaf Casting Mold, Arnold Grummer's Tissue Tints, and OpalLites.  I added two of my leaves to the front cover and the other one right to the ribbon.

Here are some inside shots of the finished book! 


  1. Love this!!! Very pretty.. and i just LOVE little books for fun artwork, ideas and special goodies!!

  2. Love those leaves! What a great gift.


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