The Empress's Screen Pendant

As a mixed media artist, I love to make art that seems extremely difficult. This doesn’t mean that the effort is difficult, only that the result looks so fabulous that others would have a hard time believing that “you” made it. Comments of disbelief are actually my favorite types. They show me that I have created something wonderful. As a newbie to the papermaking world, I found myself fascinated by the process and the materials. I was even more fascinated by the potential for creating 3D art from paper. After several false starts, I walked away and thought I would turn to a different form of art for a minute. I walked into my utility room (one of the five million “arting” spots in my house) and saw a rubber stamp that I had been wanting to use. Yes, dear reader, the light turned on.

I ran to the kitchen and started making pulp using about a 1 x 6-inch piece of cotton lintner in sheet form and four cups of water. After letting the cotton lintner soak a bit, I pulsed it three times then ran it on the “blend” cycle for about forty-five seconds. I drained the mix until most of the water had run out then layered the pulp over the rubber stamp face. Next, I held the stamp with pulp over the bowl and squeezed out as much water as I could press then laid it back down on a towel and pressed the pulp several times until it no longer showed any signs of wetness on the towel. I left the pulp on the stamp for about a half hour then carefully removed it from the stamp and let it dry overnight.

The design portion of the project was as organic as I believe I have ever experienced. Step by step, I ended up creating a lovely necklace with a paper pendant as the focus. What joy! Check out the following video for the highlights of making the necklace. 

I would love to see how you take this project and make it your own. Interested in materials? Check out the links here:

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