Hand Made Tags

Hello there, Donna here with a very easy post today. I have some friends at work that have ordered some salt scrubs and sugar scrubs from me and I need some tags to put on them saying how to use them and what the names are. I also have a batch of cold process soap (all natural) curing that I am giving as Christmas gifts this year and I will need tags for those also.

It made it VERY easy to make the tags using the Arnold Grummer tag templates. After drying, I painted them in my two favorite colors, green and orange after all it is close to Halloween LOL.

Here is what you will need:
Arnold Grummer hand mold
Tag template
junk mail
iron (optional)
paint (optional)

I will be adding ribbon to a hole in the top and attaching it to the container the scrubs go in. The scrubs are not yet made because I don't like to make them to early before I give them to the ladies.

Told you, very easy post but something I needed to make.

You can find anything you need on the Arnold Grummer website. Check out all the tutorials while you are there and see all the cool things you can make with hand made paper.


  1. Handmade paper is perfect for tags! These will be lovely on your scrubs.

  2. I agree with Jean, they will be a great touch!

  3. The receivers of your gifts are going to love these tags!!! I can't wait to see the christmas ones. Please share them, will you?

  4. Perfect tags for your handmade scrubs etc. Make them even more special.
    Love and light,


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