Ornamental Paper Casts with Tamiko

Hey folks! Can you believe Christmas is at the end of the week?  New Years Day is week from that? Where did the year go? ::smiles::  Now I will be the first to tell you this is not what  intended to post, but my project went missing.. I think I wrapped them or lost them.. ::grumble grumble::  Sooo it's never too late for an ornament, well it isn't at my house.  We create ornaments, and buy them all year round and even if I don't use these few for this tree, I will use them for a tree in the future or gift them to another relative that shops year round for ornaments.  Here is my project..

I had a heap of fun creating these paper cast for the ornaments.  I actually created pulp from some old purple and silver metallic wrapping paper. I collected the wrapping paper of my choice, tore into maybe 1 inch by 1 inch pieces and then tossed them in a large Ziploc, till I was ready to use them.   When I was ready to use them I took a small handful and dropped some in 2 cups of water and blended them into a slurry goodness.  This is truly the easiest way to create paper and try making them for the first time.  Once you are ready to invest and take casting to the next level there is all kinds of cotton linters and paper additives you can use to create casts. As a matter of fact, feel free to reference this information here, when you are ready to do some paper casting.  Once I made my paper slurry, I slowly placed it in my Arnold Grummer strainer to release some of the water. I actually use a spoon to push some of the water out while it's in the strainer.  You don't want it to be dry, but you do want it the consistency of a very moist cookie dough.  if you are using some type of plaster casted mold like me, I tend to rub those with a small brush and some oil.  The oils acts as an release agent for the very detailed areas of the mold.  Now while you can use an oven or a heat tool to dry the molds.. I personally tend to do several projects at one time, so its no big deal to let it air dry for me.  Takes a few hours.. Once you make a few of these.. you can become really good at it..  After these were done.. I still used my Twinkling H2Os by ColourArte and a water brush to lightly add more color.

I created the ornament by adhering some music papers to wire I shaped into a circular piece, with some Helmar 450 QuickDry. I then covered the paper in Flower Soft (the fuzzy colorful substance behind the paper casted item). I created a banner and attached that as well. Because I have various shades of purple on this piece I used my Purple Paper Cord from The Ribbon Resource.  Here are a few more closeups.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Wishing to YOU and YOURS.. from ME and MINE.. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!


  1. So very cool! Love the colors!

  2. Merry Christmas to you and to all the AG fans! Love the idea of paper casts for ornaments! Will have to try that for next year!

  3. So many interesting ways to decorate cast paper - thank you Tamiko!


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