Hand made flowers on barrettes

Hello everyone! Is everyone ready for Christmas? I always seem to wait til the last minute......LOL

I have been working on making paper flowers with my handmade paper using Arnold Grummers paper making kit.
Today I decided to try them on barrettes that you wear in your hair. If you make your own paper slurry, don't you ever just feel like sticking your hands in a huge bowl of it and playing in it? I do....maybe that's just me.....

OK, back to the barrettes. Here is a pic of them done, I used paper punches to punch out the forms.
 This is a pic of the clips open in the back.

 This one is with them closed.

This is the back side of them with the clip closed.

  Thanks for stopping by and Hope for all of you and your family to have a wonderful and safe Holiday.


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