Stamps and Papermaking

Once I had my sheet of paper made, I wanted to try an experiment. Could I use my stamps to make impressions in a damp sheet of paper? Sort of deboss, if you will. The answer is yes! You can!

Using my wood block, I pressed the stamp into the damp paper. 
Look at  the wonderful result!

Next I inked up the stamp and applied it to another sheet of paper. Isn't this pretty?

I proceeded to apply Twinkling H2O Paints for a shimmery feel.

Here is my finished card! Don't you love the look??

As we finish up Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I want to remind everyone that there is hope! Mammograms and early detection are key! If you, or anyone you know is going through this right now, please let me know and I will mail this card to them!!

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Arnold Grummer  was later appointed Curator of the Dard Hunter Paper Museum, housed at the Institute. Here he facilitated research and networking among founders of the hand papermaking movement in America which grew into The Friends of Dard Hunter, an association of paper, book and letter arts. The Friends awarded Arnold their Lifetime Achievement Award in part ‘for sharing your infectious joy of the craft with us all.’


  1. Beautiful! Your card turned out so awesome!

  2. It so pretty and delicate Jean! Love it!

  3. Very pretty card.. but I LOVE the one that you debossed. What a great idea.Did the impression stay after the paper dried?

  4. This is so pretty! You did a wonderful job on this.

  5. Some stamps make great paper molds too.
    Love and light,


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