Halloween Tag

I love using my handmade paper for all sorts of projects—especially this Halloween tag.

I had the perfect paper for the background, but finding the right color for the moon proved more challenging. I tend toward the pastel color palette, so I had to come up with a solution for a glowing orange moon for my Halloween tag. [I know you're wondering: why didn't I just whip up some handmade paper in the right color? Well, I'm in Ohio. I make my paper outdoors, and autumn is really taking hold here, so weather didn't permit a papermaking session.]

So, here's my solution. I punched out a circle from a scrap of pink pastel paper for my moon.

I spritzed it with water, and used a marker with water-based ink to shade it. Because the paper was damp, the ink soaked into the paper, rather than just staying on the surface.

I wanted the moon to be on the same layer as the background, so I punched an identical circle in the background paper where I wanted the moon.

I used a quick dry liquid adhesive to adhere the background paper to my wooden tag. Then, I glued the moon in the circle. My moon was still damp, and I got a nice bleed effect around the circle. For a crisper look, let the moon dry complete before gluing it into the circle.

Next, I painted the bat and cat from Gina's Designs Spooky Shape Set, and used my Zing electronic cutter to cut the trees out of vinyl.

After added the trees and chipboard shapes, the finishing touch was the ribbon hanger.

Happy Halloween!!

Did you know...

...that Arnold Grummer, founder of Arnold Grummer's Papermaking served in the U. S. Coast Guard during World War II. 



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