Playing with Pulp

I have been having so much fun making paper but I wondered what else could I make?? A walk outside gave me the perfect idea!

I started with pulp (recycled paper shredded in the blender) that I moved through a strainer to get quite a bit of water out.

 I started molding the pulp around the large leaf which I picked up outside.

I covered the outside completely and used the screen and sponge to remove excess water.

. Set this aside and let it dry thoroughly.  Peel off leaf and gently bend the paper leaf so it has shape.

I planned on using my leaf for a candy/nut dish but first it needed color. I added layers of red, orange, yellow and even gold acrylic paint. I used brown for the stems and veins. Once done, I gave it a layer of Gel Medium.

And here is my dish

These leaves would also be beautiful for fall home decor projects such as a frame and wreath. I would definitely try this again!

Did you know you can make paper with something as simple as two tin cans?? Arnold Grummer wrote numerous books on the subject of papermaking and in  trash-to-treasure you will find directions for this fun project! It is available in the store!


  1. ooooohhhh I am going to do this!!! Thanks Jean for an awesome idea!! LOVE your leaf!

  2. Wow..this is beautiful! How awesome it would be to have a couple of those scattered around the house during the autumn season. Of course, the 'corn' would have to be refilled OFTEN in my house :)

  3. What a wonderful project!
    Love and light,


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